Thursday, May 15, 2008

Screen Porch Installed, Builder Weeps With Joy.

I woke up on Thursday morning, looked out the window and saw a familiar truck parked in my driveway.  A truck that was a fixture around this place for over a year.  A truck that I used to tuck little envelopes inside of, under a spare pair of pliers or a hammer so that it wouldn't blow away.  Envelopes with checks inside to pay the owner of this truck for all of his hard work. 

Because this truck belongs to the man who built our house.  

When I saw that truck, I threw some clothes on and rushed downstairs to snap a few photos.  I had to take the photos quickly,  because I was not going to be able to hound them all day long with my camera as I now have a job.  When I told our builder, Dennis and his crew that I would not be able to take pictures of them working on the house all day long, they just sat down on the grass and started sobbing.  

I had no idea that my taking pictures of these men working on my house meant so much to them!  

Okay - actually that is not true.  Actually, when I told Dennis and his crew that I would not be able to hang around them all day long taking pictures while they worked and ask stupid questions about what they were doing and why they were doing it and how they were doing it, and what they were going to do next... and  oh dear!!! if you don't mind...  I would like to change everything you just did... etc...etc...  

When I told them I wouldn't be able to hang out with them all day long... they all got tiny little smiles on their faces.  

Yes... tiny little secret smiles and I could kinda tell that on the inside they were dancing an Irish jig and hoisting massive mugs of frothy brew above their heads and tossing nearby barmaids into the air, and catching them and then dancing a Russian jig while balancing a shot of vodka on their heads and then tossing a Siberian husky into the air and catching it and hugging it tightly and then...  Okay - well maybe the whole Siberian Husky thing is a bit much...  but I don't think they were very disappointed when I told them that I was not going to be able to document their every move.
I am pretty sure they were not disappointed at all.
Not even a teensy bit.  

But I was...  

Look -  Jordan grew a beard over the winter!  

Anyway... what I mean to say is that they spent Wednesday installing the screens on our screen porch and giving the front porch one final coat of paint.  It was so nice to see them.  I am so glad that Dennis and Jordan built our home.  Even if I did torment them the entire year they were building it, by being a constant nuisance with my camera, and my changes, and my questions.  
They tolerated it amazingly well.  

Dennis keeps talking about retirement.  He seems to talk about it particularly a lot whenever I am around.  But in my dreams, the Country Doctor and I build another house about fifteen years from now.  A much smaller, much more affordable house. 

 And how could anyone except Dennis build it???



Who's up for another construction project being blogged!?!?!  

Raise your hand!  

I think that counts as a hand raising. Yes... I think it does.

They finished before I got home.  I didn't even get to say goodbye!  But I did get the address of the new house they are working on now.  Moohahahahahahah.  Moooohahahahahaha!!!


cndymkr / jean said...

A screened in porch. My life would be almost perfect!

It looks great. It's nice to see that these guys take great pride in their work.

Anonymous said...

I love it. I would love to have one of those. Is your house done now?

Robin in New Jersey

plummymommy said...

Wow. Your house is wonderful. That sun porch is lovely. Eight acres. Very nice. I wish I was your best friend then I could visit.


Anonymous said...

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