Monday, March 3, 2008

Toilet Shopping

Oh yeah - that's right - it's my birthday - toilet shopping today...

I made our selection from the Toto Co. - or as I like to say totoco. And now for a few very important factoids regarding toilet purchasing.

1. Universal height is just about an inch shorter than official ADA. So go with universal and save

2. Universal is nice for people with handicaps and people who are tall - like me and mine.

3. G-Max flushing is what you want if you have people in your home or on holiday visits, who tend to plug things up.

4. There's other more serious flushing available if you need even more power, but it can be noisy. You may want to think twice before adding the power flush in the bathroom adjacent to the dining room.

5. Don't put bathrooms adjacent to dining rooms.

6. I grew up with a bathroom right by the dining room. I don't know how many times I was forced to listen to various people "using" the bathroom during dinner. My sister and I never used that bathroom.

7. My mother rarely shuts the door when she uses the bathroom. Especially the one by the dining room. This was very embarrassing for me growing up, and has resulted in various bathroom psychoseseseses.

8. I think a pretty toilet is worth the extra cash. I mean hey - why not? It is one of the most important seats in the house. It should be nice.

9. Can't think of anything else.

10. Goodbye.


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