Monday, March 3, 2008

Mixing Your Own Stain

We mixed our own stain for our trim and our kitchen cabinets. Why did we do this? Because we are insane.

I was just not happy with any of the stains I found in every hardware store within a twenty mile radius. I wanted something deeper, something a little more red, something a little more black, more heft, more bravado, more vitality! Less gray, more ochre, less yellow, more copper - and on and on and on - until I grabbed three cans and mixed them together. Jack will demonstrate...



Close-up of recipe

Apply stain with paper towel, to wood species you intend to use (ours is quarter sawn oak)। Wait ten minutes and then wipe off.

And wa la - we have stain. Stain that is not too red or black or brown or yellow or quiet, or loud, or spirited or youthful. A stain that is refined yet says bring it on! A stain that says Farmhouse with quirky people living inside. A stain that reflects peace and joy while simultaneously dancing chaotically about the room. My stain - my genuis, my gift to the world. I call it La Rechelle!


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