Monday, March 3, 2008

Countertop Choices

I have narrowed our countertop choices down from five billion to three. I have crossed out granite, marble, stainless steel, tile, concrete, laminate, wood, stone, quartz, paper, cotton, fingernail clippings, congealed pig blood, fossilized dog bones, fish scales, moss, wheat berries, cracker crumbs, crushed taco shells, and my favorite - texturized horse dung. I have decided on Corian. Why do I feel like there is a chorus of groans to my decision? Oh yeah because that is what my sister does every time I tell her. But Corian it is. Here is why...our cabinet maker installs it and it is affordable. I don't have to drive to Kansas City or fly to Chicago, or take a subway to Liberia to get it. I just have to stop by the cabinet shop, look at the choices and pick one. It doesn't cost nearly as much as that stone stuff does, it is durable and comes in a lot of colors. So there!

Here are the three I am currently deciding between...

Leaning pretty heavily to "earth" or the darker one.


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