Monday, March 3, 2008

Interior Door Choices

It took a while to make up our minds. We stood in front of the door display in Home Depot flipping through the various door profiles for what seemed like an eternity, Our four boys entertained themselves by having shopping cart races, building forts in the lumber section, playing hide and seek in the insulation display, and opening and shutting every kitchen cabinet in Home Depot 4000 times. We pretended that we did not know them.

While there, several good friends stopped by and gave us their opinions. And though sound, we eventually chose otherwise. In fact we chose a door that I fell in love with years ago. A door that I saw, and thought, the country doctor will hate that door. He will think that door is too contrived. He will think that door is pretentious. He will think it is just a little too spiffy. But he didn't. He liked it as much as I did.

Then we had to decide if it was too busy of a door to go on all the room doors and all the closets. So while our children knocked down old ladies with their shopping carts we debated and debated and debated. Finally we just decided to do every door the same.

Here they are. They just seemed to scream farmhouse with quirky people living inside.

JELD-WEN : Molded - Molded Interior Doors - Passage - Door Designs

On the main floor we are going to do solid wood doors from Koch and Company - a Seneca Kansas Company.



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