Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hand Made Barn Doors

On my days off from work, I have a strong tendency to occupy myself with the one or more of the following activites.

1. Stare blankly into space for hours.

2. Stare blankly at ceiling fan for hours.

3. Attempt to guide tea and sandwich into mouth while staring blankly at walls and fan.

4. Miss mouth while trying for several minutes to guide tea and sandwich into cheek, ear, eyebrow, and forehead.

5. Finally, find mouth and give self food and drink.

6. Wipe drool from chin with back of hand.

7. Nap.

The Country Doctor on the other hand is a whole different animal. He happily gyrates from one insane project to another. A few days ago he informed me that "September was yard month" and "October is barn month." To celebrate the start of "Barn Month" the Country Doctor built himself some doors.

To build the doors, the Country Doctor used some left over tongue and groove pine floor boards from our mudroom flooring.

He managed to work in a few cute "barn type" details into the door.  

He enlisted Ethan to help him paint.

One of the doors has a window and one does not.  

He originally planned to purchase ready made doors, but at the last minute he decided to try and build some himself.

I am really glad he did.  

I wonder what other projects "Barn Month" has in store?  

I hope there aren't any stanchions... or horse stalls involved.  


Sharon said...

Cool doors!

Can you please send some of that energy my way? I can't even get the sandwich made from staring at the ceiling fans. ;)

melissa said...

I love the doors! Arn't you glad he does these kind of things?! He could be laying on the couch all day like a sack of spuds!

Rechelle said...

It is my job to lay on the couch. I take it very seriously.

Sandy in MI said...

Beautiful door! Keep us posted on any other projects "barn month" inspires.

Alisa said...

Could the CD come build me some barn doors? Um, maybe he could build me a barn first?
Those doors are very cool.

Shelley said...

I think for Barn Month, you need to take yourself down to the Dress Barn and get yourself a couple long denim jumper-style dresses with huge collars that have little farms (& barns!) stictched right there on the collar!

Jenni said...

I LOVE those doors!

Danny is making all the doors for our basement. I wonder if we will ever have doors down there. One kid has graduated and left home without ever having a door on his room or bathroom and another is getting ready to. They will be absolutely gorgeous doors made all rustic looking from rough walnut when he is finished. If he ever finishes. He tells me that if he didn't do construction every day he might be more inclined to do these little projects during his time off. Suddenly I think I understand why my SIL who is married to a doctor takes her girls to someone other than their dad!

Anonymous said...

I love the doors...oddly though they look like the doors you posted pics of in June...was that barn month, too? (she said with a giggle)

Jannie Funster said...

Those are things of beauty for sure.

I'd've stained them Golden Oak, but the red is obviously the way to go.

Jannie -- another songwriter

jaclynbailey said...

I love the doors! I wish I had a barn to need doors... oh well. Someday...

Anonymous said...

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