Thursday, May 8, 2008

CDW Receives Sign, Mudroom Cabinets Killim

We ordered several cabinets in our house in paint grade poplar in an attempt to hold costs down.

Ha ha ha heee hee ah ha ha ha ho ho hee hee hee ho ho ho har har har har.



Where was I?

Oh yes... saving money.

Can I just say that this tiny little cost saving measure in no way compensates for the thousands of "surprise costs" and "last minute changes" and "hidden expenses" and YOU BOUGHT WHAT!?!?! and HOW MUCH DID YOU SAY THAT EXTRA STEP ON THE SIDE PORCH COSTS???!!!???

So getting the paint grade cabinets was not only a very minor savings, in the grand scheme of things, it also gave us one more task to do ourselves which I have just been too weak and shaky to even think about...


The Country Doctor took all the boys on a camping trip last weekend. I decided to use that precious, golden, holy, sacred, blissful, gift of time alone to paint the stinking... not cost effective... not saving us any money... %$*#*#%^& mudroom cabinets.

I decided to make the cabinet doors into a chalkboard.

No mom, I did not use the magnetic/chalkboard paint. I could not find any magnetic/chalkboard in my small town hardware store and I was not about to drive 20 miles to the bigger town just for a can of magnetic/chalkboard paint. My family is just going to have to suffer and subsist on chalkboard only cabinets! How will they ever face another dawn?

Here is the dreary aftermath.

Here is where I started to paint the mudroom cabinets in the high gloss Killim Red paint that I bought right before Thanksgiving in order to have the mudroom cabinets painted by Christmas.

Ha ha ha ha ha hoo hoo hee hee hee ho ho ho har har har heh heh ho ho hee har ho.

Here is where I started to have serious misgivings about that high gloss Killim Red paint on my mudroom cabinets. Here is where I started to think that my mudroom cabinets were beginning to look like they were painted with left over fingernail polish from the Dollar store. Here is where I started to wonder if I was completely cracked out on cranberry sauce when I bought that high gloss Killim Red paint.

Here is where I thought about toning the cracked out glossy red paint down with a pale yellow interior on the inside of the cubbies.

Here is where I considered repainting the cabinets in Ralph Lauren Sun Washed Blue.

Here is my son Calder running in a local track meet on a Killim Red Track.

Here is his little brother Jack drinking a Ralph Lauren Sun Washed Blue Gatorade.

Here is where I received the sign and went ahead and finished off the cabinets in Killim Red.

Can you see the sign?

This very, very cute sign!

I  ordered this custom sign from one of the artisans at our hometown Tulip Fest.

When I walk in my mudroom, I try very hard not to look at the glossy garish killim red cabinets and I focus all my energy on this cute sign.

I am giving away one $60.00 gift certificate for a custom made sign for your own garish glossy mudroom.... or for any other room in your house. Your sign can say whatever you like! Cindy at Cindy's Signs and Such will make it for you and I will ship it out.

Just tell me what your custom made sign would say in the comments. I will have a random drawing on Saturday to find the winner. Contest ends at noon CST on Saturday. Thanks for dropping by!


MrsMama said...

"Always Kiss Me Goodnight"

Lady P said...

"This too shall pass"

Oh boy, your post today made my day. I laughed until I cried ~ because I can totally relate to the mudroom of many colours. And the Killam shiny red paint.

Happy to know there are skewed individuals all over North America, able to share these glorious moments with others like me!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the red mudroom. LOVVVVE it!!! You did good, just don't know it yet!

Rachael J.
luanda, angola

ShackelMom said...

I like the color, I think it will grow on you, especially when there's a lot of junk in there with it.

"Welcome Friends"

The Source said...

"Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy the Ride."

Big Nanny said...

Fruit only angers my need for chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Love you sign in the mud room and the paint....My sign would say
"YOU JUST CAN'T FIX STUPID" oh yes it has been one of those mornings...

Pamelotta said...

I like the one the mrsmama likes, but I think that might be a bit ambitious for my husband. Mine would have to read:

"Try to remember to say goodnight!"

HW said...

Well....since you asked; I've always wanted a cute sign in our bedroom that says HONEYMOON SUITE.

And I love red, so that mud room looks great to me.

savannah said...

"Where there is great love there are always miracles"
Willa Cather

My original thought was "I love the Country Doctor's Wife"...

But, that one sounds more like it should go on your husband's wall...

Anonymous said...

Very cute sign! I hope this still counts as an entry, but I need more time to think of what I'd put on the sign.

Anonymous said...

Be Joyful

Luanne in MI

Ivory Spring said...

"Fide et Virtute"

Translated By Fidelity By Valor in our family's coat of arms.

I have enjoyed your blog(s) tremendously! I love your red cabinets, by the way!! I think that red would hide the mud quite well. ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't want a new sign (I already have one), but thought I'd share what mine says. "If you can't be nice, at least be vague" Miss Manners
I enjoy your blog!

Coffee Bean said...

Count it All Joy!

I love your mud room!

April said...

I don't want no stinkin' sign. (Thtat's what my sign would say)

Those are some darn glossy cabinets. ( That's what my other sign would say.)

annie said...

I would need 3 signs to hang over my 3 exterior doors and they would all say (in the words of one of my favorite blogs) "The Mud Stops Here, or in other words, Stay outside the door is locked." I am sure my 5 kids will love it. I definiely will.

Mary said...

"Our Little Nest"

Lissa said...

I love the Red! It looks like a place where anyone can come in and drop their shoes then go racing off to see whats around the corner.

I also like The Mud Stops Here

KSM in California said...

"Please leave the sand at the beach"

K.D. said...

I can't make decisions that fast...but maybe I would have our name on a pretty sign!

Maria said...

My sign would say: "Here's Your Hat, What's Your Hurry?" Very welcoming, huh?

Cheryl said...

I love "The Mud Stops Here" but I think I would like "God rest your LOVE upon this door and Bless this home FOREVERMORE".

I also love the color of your mudroom shelf!

Robin said...

"Momma Needs A Beer"
Enough said... lol

Photography By Shay said...

"General Store" to go above my pantry. =]

Kari said...

I happen to like the roller coaster.

Anonymous said...

Go Away

--Your Nancy-Reagan-doesn't-go-to-Target friend

Leslie said...

"The Crab is in"

I know...doen't make much sense to you but it is a family joke that cracks hubby and I up...


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure yet what it should say. I can't think under pressure!! But I do like the "Always Kiss Me Goodnight". I've seen it before, and I already have one that says "All Because Two People Fell In Love..."

Karen M.

Pinko Commie Mommy Jane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pinko Commie Mommy Jane said...

Drop your pants here!

For the laundry room, yes we are a cheeky family!

Tonya G.

Mandy said...

Jesus Knows Me, This I Love.
My sister has this sign and I want to steal it and stick it up my shirt every time I am at her house. And then I think about how that wouldn't be very Christiany of me and so I don't. But I would love my own! And I love the mudroom cabinets! Looks great!

Karen Deborah said...

First post, says what I want.
"Always Kiss Me Goodnight" and in little print, "after you feed me"
First food then love. WOW, using bright colors can be scary while your doing it but I like the red. What's the CD think?
I get nervous when I do big color but I usually love it when it's done. Like the coral kitchen.
Love love love your house. Your living my dream life.

Venera said...

"Bear and Grin It!"

It's my eldest daughter's personal motto. Yes, it's backwards from how most folks say it, but getting the words twisted up has been something she's done since she was small. Now she's a mother of three children. The first one is celebrating his first teenager birthday today.

Leah said...

"God Bless Our Bome" ... not really. My Granny had a sign in her kitchen that had very curly, fancy script and I thought that's what it said. After years of reading it I said, "Granny, what's a bome?" She was thoroughly puzzled. I pointed to the sign and she said, "No, that says home." But I never read that sign without first saying, "God Bless or Bome". The End

noble pig said...

"The Wine Starts Here"

Yep that's what it needs to say!

Gina said...

What about "I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat" (actually, forget it. I don't want that sign...)

But I did have to just say that to my neighbor, who called especially to wish me a happy mothers day and then ask if I was pregnant (nope, just fat...)

Day ruined.
Thanks neighbor.

Heidi In Wisconsin said...

At this stage of my pregnancy, food seems to be the formost in my mind and I would do about anything to get it at times... So my husband said to me the other day - Do you crave food bad enough to do a 'pole dance' for it... he means like stripper ya know - I said at times yes, but as a pregnant mother and have 2 previous c-sections I dont think any one would give me much for tips. His reply - "They may throw loose change" So that would have to be my sign... They may throw loose change. LOL

Donna Boucher said...

When I first spotted your sign,
I thought it said, "The Mind Stops Here."

Which sounded so much like something you would say ;o)

How about....

Be Always Coming Home

Anonymous said...

"Bon Appetit" to go in my french cafe themed kitchen.


Rocks In My Dryer said...

Wow. Probably "enough is good as a feast."--Mary Poppins. Or maybe, "whatever you are, be a good one," --Abraham Lincoln. Or maybe "May you live all the days of your life." --Jonathan Swift (can you tell I collect quotes?) Love her store!

Angela said...

We're in the process of house hunting, hopefully for the last house we buy for a long time (no more moving!!!) and so I guess my sign would say:

Our Forever Home

Anonymous said...

Bidden or not bidden, God is Present

Love your mud room - wish I had one just like it.

Lisa C.

Anonymous said...

My sign would say something cute about cowboys because I have three little boys - the youngest two are two year old twins and I'm trying to do their room in a vintage cowboy/old west theme. so far, i painted the room a garish red on the bottom and a cream on the top half of the walls with a nice cowboy border in the middle. my husband is not a fan of the red, but I like it! I told him it is barn red. nancy -

jaclynbailey said...

igne natura renovatur integra

Which translates to "through fire, nature is reborn whole". This is a motto that really fits my family.

BTW... I love your mudroom... I think the only think I would have changed would have been using a semi gloss..... but that is just me! I LOVE the color... and I am jealous that you even have a mudroom!

natalie said...

"And they lived happily ever after"
or, if that's too long,
"Just Because"

Tracie said...

It would say "Java = Joy" because we are addicted to coffee!

Jenni said...

My mudroom cabinets are not red and dh built them, but (shhh!) I think I might like yours better. Or maybe a combination of yours and mine. The dang mudroom needs to be bigger! I wasn't willing to give up an inch of my kitchen for it, though, so this is what I've got.

I like your sign! I also think I like the color of the cabinets, almost, but I'm not quite sure. I'm going to have to look some more. Anyway, I think "The Mud Stops Here" is perfect, but I will add another phrase that would be helpful around our house:

Wipe the $h!+ Off Yer Shoes!

Kelly Myers said...

"In wildness is the preservation of the world."

Marie said...

I came from the Pioneer Woman's site. You have a great Blog! I'm reading all your archives on a rainy Minnesota morning.

We are also building our dream house, to look like a 1940's lakeside bungalow. We homeschool our kids, and are building it ourselves. It's almost finished, and we moved in last year.

My sweet husband built us mudroom cubbies very similar to yours. I painted them "California Poppy Red", cos, you just need bright red cubbies in the mudroom, right?

I have 6 kiddos, and they are always in the kitchen "grazing" and sniffing for food, so I bought a sign that says, "Please don't feed the bears". Visitors get a kick out of it, cos you always see the sign in old dumps, and at state parks.

Anonymous said...

Just found your site and am having a blast looking through the archives. :)

My daughter has been helping me paint my potting/dye shed.....a very bright rose pink with purple, yellow, and medium forest green. I haven't yet come up with a sign to hang on the outside wall of that space, but I know what one I want to have her do for my mud room when I finish that.

"Were ya born in a barn?!"

A phrase that my mom always said to anyone if they didn't take off their shoes in her mud room before entering the house.

Anonymous said...

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