Friday, February 29, 2008

Barn Sills

Thanks you God for my in-laws, who are always willing to come for a visit, leaving behind their garden, and their comfortable home, to sleep in our lumpy guest bed, in our noisy house full of rowdy grand and help us with our crazy projects, bringing homemade bread and a helpful hand to do a load of laundry, cook a meal and babysit. What would we do without them?

Their most recent visit was to help us work on the barn. The Country Doctor and his dad built the barn sills and trimmed out the barn windows.

Here is a brief account of what the Country Doctor and his dad did to create these beautiful sills.

Snap a chalk line on the siding to create a guide of where you want to cut the window out. The window is already framed up on the inside of the barn, but the country doctor brought the siding all the way down over the window openings to save a little time.

Next - cut the opening.

Joe stood on the inside and yelled to the country doctor when he was off course.

Then place the sill in the opening. This step takes FOREVER!!! There is a lot of fussin', and cussin', and whittlin' and fiddlin' to make it fit just right.

Then cut the remaining trim pieces to size.

Now look at those sills! Have you ever seen anything prettier than that? It's like we are Amish or something. Thanks Joe and Rita for coming down and helping us out. weekend - we were thinking about putting on that barn roof...

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